Sunday, 25 January 2009

New Allegro 4.3.10plus PSP version

New Allegro 4.3.10plus PSP version with some fixes and additions:
  • Updated to the official Allegro 4.3.10plus SVN Rev. 11485
  • Fixed a problem in the FLIC module. Now the intro video of the Allegro shooter demo don't crash the game.
  • Added the DIGMID driver (see Now the PSP is able to play MIDI music through Allegro. Some testing with big patches.dat files causes the PSP to freeze. A workaround for this is to use the set of instruments samples from the individual files format. Note that in the PSP the DIGMID driver makes the timer and the sound threads to work hard stealing CPU to the main thread. To suport the DIGMID routines the main thread stack size must be greater than 256 KB.
  • Updated the Allegro PSP magic main to request the new minimum stack size required by the DIGMID.
  • Changed the button mapping in the keyboard driver: LTRIGGER and RTRIGGER are now the left shift and the right shift respectively.
  • Modified the Notes on drivers/Keyboard section in the build instructions.
  • Modified the Required software section in the build instructions. Thanks to MK2k.
  • Added the PSP 8 bits version of pivot_scaled_sprite_flip(). Thanks to MK2k.
  • Now the stretch_blit() function works correctly in 8 bits color mode. Thanks to MK2k.



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