Saturday, 13 December 2008

Allegro PSP WIP

Good news about Allegro PSP,
The library is almost totally ported to the PSP console. The latest additions are:
  • Support for 8 bpp mode. The PSP don't support natively this mode. To implement this color depth we set the Allegro screen bitmap like a palettized texture outside the PSP display and, for every draw primitive executed onto it, a texture mapping onto the PSP display is made. The palette routines and effects used in this mode are supported too.
  • The 15, 16 and 32 bpp modes are tested and supported.
  • Support for screen resolutions not bigger than 480x272 and always centered at the PSP display. Typical resolutions like 320x200 or 360x272 (4:3 aspect ratio) can be used.
  • Support for virtual screens. Some possible virtual screen resolutions are 960x272 (two horizontal 16:9 screens) , 360x544 (two vertical 4:3 screens), or 640x480, 1024x768, etc.
  • Support for scrolling. Due to hardware restrictions the scrolling routine handle horizontal scrolling in eight pixel increments under 15, 16 bpp mode and four pixel increments under 32 bpp mode. The vertical scrolling and the 8 bpp mode have no restrictions.
The joystick driver, the video bitmaps and the hardware triple buffer are the only missing features. Expect to be released very soon.

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