Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Commodore Amiga nostalgia: Columns by diedel

Today I proudly present my first (and the only) videogame creation Divertido RollEyes

My home made version of the popular Columns game programmed with Amiga Basic 1.2. Yeah! The included in the Amiga Extras 1.3 disk.
It was developed and released in february 1994 when I just began my Computer science studies in the FIB (Facultat Informàtica de Barcelona).
I remember my sister totally addicted at it, I'm not joking... RollEyes 

So if you feel bored and you like the oddities launch WinUAE and insert AmigaBASIC_Columns.adf, you'll not regret.

  • Once the disk is inserted the game is launched automatically.
  • Use the Amiga joystick in port 1 for control (WinUAE, by default, emulates it with the PC Numeric keypad).
  • Press Right Amiga+S to pause, any key to continue (The Right Windows or Home keys  map to the Right Amiga key).
  • When the game finishes (GAME OVER) press Right Amiga+. and Righ Amiga+R to play again.
  • WARNING: For the game to function properly the 'Cycle-exact' WinUAE option in Setting/Hardware/Chipset must be enabled. And the A500 model is preferable.



Tags: Commodore, Amiga, Columns, nostalgia, WinUAE


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Date: Saturday, 25 October 2008
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