Monday, 20 October 2008

Allegro PSP alpha version

I began this summer to port the Allegro library to the Sony PSP.
Allegro is a free, popular game programming library with support for other platforms like DOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS X, GP32X, Nintendo DS and more.

This is my contribution to the PSP and Allegro.

The system, graphics, digital sound and keyboard drivers are implemented. The next step is to implement the timer and joystick drivers, add more functions and optimizations to the graphics driver and add an On Screen Keyboard to the keyboard driver.
The graphics driver uses RAM-RAM and RAM-screen (with scaling) accelerated blits so a 640x480 Windows game is likely to run under 480x272 in the PSP.
There is no support for 8, 24, 32 bpp color mode, neither virtual screen, neither video bitmaps but I will add it in the next step commented above.
The digital sound driver uses the Allegro mixer for multivoice support like most of the platforms.

Building Allegro for PSP under Linux

The psptoolchain and PSPSDK must be installed in the usual way.
  1. Unpack the Allegro sources, e.g. tar -xzf allegro-4.2.2.tar.gz
  2. Apply my contributed patch, e.g. cd allegro-4.2.2 ; patch -p1 < psp-allegro-patch-4.2.2.diff
  3. [...allegro-4.2.2] $ ./ psp generates the makefile
  4. [...allegro-4.2.2] $ make lib install
In my home system the library and headers are installed in /usr/local/pspdev/psp/lib and /usr/local/pspdev/psp/include.
Add DEBUGMODE=1 or PROFILEMODE=1 in step 4 for the debug and profile versions of the library.

Using Allegro for PSP under Linux

For build the Allegro apps I use the PSPSDK standard Makefile used for building the PSPSDK samples.
In the LIBS variable add -lalleg -lm -lpspaudio -lpspgu.

Your feedback is welcome!



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